Dear Diary …

Well where should I start?  Dear Diary (I’ve always wanted to say those words :)) Well Diary, I am not a writer and I never had a diary growing up. (I think I did try a few times but never succeeded.) So this is where you and I start our journey. Together.

I did some research on why you should start a blog, and the two reasons I took away from various articles was that it can improve your communication and it can improve your thinking process.

I loved this. In life, whether business or your relationship communication is one of the most important aspects, yet we struggle so badly with this, I think technology plays a huge role here, but nothing we cannot fix.  If blogging can help me, then I will blog daily.

Improving my thinking process, I need to think about things more clearly and not just let life pass me by.  All of a sudden I look differently at the world, what will I share with my readers.  I have a different appreciation towards the smallest things in live, its strange. All of a sudden I see things I would not previously notice.  How amazing is that.

So thank you for joining my journey.  Always remember to CELEBRATE you, life is short and it is what you make of it.  Start your journey.

Love, Cindy

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