Remember when you were a little girl with big dreams?

When you try to start something new normally it’s because you feel stuck where you at and you feel you can do so much more with your talent and you have so much more to offer to this place humans call world right?

Well if not, that is where I am at.

Coming from humble beginnings to almost being forty (yes I have an issue with that sorry forty ladies, but I have reason!) I am frustrated at where I am in life.  I want to help people and tell my story but I don’t know where on earth to begin. I have more to give in this life. I want to change lives and help businesses. I’m not a writer and my husband has told me many times my grammar sucks, so where do I start?

Since I was little I wanted to be this CEO, drive a fancy car and travel the world. My dreams did come true, but let me tell you, it was not easy. As little girls we have no idea how big and scary this world can be, but we are fearless, we think we an become anything our hearts desire. There is no ifs, buts or I can’t. We believed unconditionally.

And maybe that is the secret to future success …  Do not question yourself or be scared, just be that little girl you were once with big dreams.

Love, Cindy


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